BENZ Chassis Truck mixer AS5310GJB1

BENZ Chassis Truck mixer AS5310GJB1


BENZ Chassis Truck mixer AS5310GJB1
BENZ Chassis Truck-mixer: AS5310GJB1
Power performance: Max. Grade-ability: 35%, max. Speed: 85 km/h, acceleration time from standing start (0-70 km/h): 59 s;
Strong overall carrying capacity: up to 56t for full load;
Economic performance: With application of optimized power matching, multi-state oil saving mode of engine and new air intake passage, the oil consumption is 3?5% less than that of similar models;
Conformity to the national environmental protection standard and Euro III emission standard;
Low gravity center and good stability. It is the first product employing the separated structure without sub-frame in the industry. The overall height is not more than 3,980 m (150 mm lower than similar models);
Durable and reliable. The mixing drum can be used for 6 years and the mixing blade is designed for a mixing capacity of 100,000 cubic meters or a service life of 2.5 years;
Large loading capacity. The mixing drum is of a geometric volume of 25.05 m?, a water capacity of 17.37m?, and an actual loading capacity of 16 m? at least;
Advanced structure. It is the first product employing the intermediate auxiliary riding wheel bearing to reduce frame stress and distortion and avoid distortion of the mixing drum;
Feeding & discharge performance: Feeding speed: 3 m3/min, discharge speed: 2 m3/min, residue ratio of discharge: 1%.

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